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We have maintained a superb record of obtaining visas, especially O-1, E-2, E-1, H1-b, L-1, E-3, J-1, & Permanent Residence through Eb-1, Eb-2 and Eb-3  for people who have reached the top of their fied as well as average every day folks inlcluding people how have just started their careers. We have also achieved positive outcomes for less experienced foreign nationals inlcuding those who had been advised that there was no solution to their immigration situation.

Our office has succeeded in obtaining approvals for people who had previously received a "denial" of their visa application (using a firm other than our own to represent them). Thus, people who had received a denial of their application for an O-1 visa, Eb-1 green card as well as other visa categories ----- through diligent work on our part as well as detailed particpation by our clients---have received an approval after retaining our office to represent them. We will not always agree to re-file a case for someone who has previously been denied unless we feel that the case can be better presented and that the client really does meet the criteria.

We accept cases from all kinds of people from recent college graduates to PHD's, recepients of national and international awards in all industries from seasoned experts to young lesser known prodigies in all fields, including: arts & entertainment, finance, software/IT solutions, energy, manufacturing, marketing and sales, medicine, sports, science, education and more.

Click here to view a selection of official I-797 O-1 Visa Approval Notices for people with "extraordinary ability" in an array of professions. for people with "extraordinary ability" in an array of professions.

Getting Visa Denials Reversed & Approved

Mr. Yurkofsky has also suceeded in getting the denials of visas at U.S. Consualtes --- over turned --- and approved. As one Russian client advised: "Mr. Yurkofsky, we went to three lawyers before you and they were unable to help us. My brother was "stuck" in Russia and our family was divided. We wish we had come to your first. You are a hero to our family!"  

In another matter, an airport inspector canceled the visas of an entire family-- a business exec at a leading financial firm,  his wife and three kids---leaving them stuckin Vancouver. Within  2 days (just after the Thanksgiving Day holiday)---Mr. Yurkofsky's diligient efforts resulted in the scheduling of a conference call between The U.S. Dept of State in Washington, DC, The USCIS Vermont Service Center, The U.S. Consulate in Vancouver, BC and Customs and Border Control. The decision of the airport inspector was over-ruled and the family was given back their visas and returned to the USA.

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